Bitcoin Terms in Esperanto

A lot of bitcoin related technology terms are in flux right now even in English. So, I’ve tried not to be too presumptive. However, I did want to provide a useful list of terms for bitcoin concepts translated into Esperanto.

Bitcoin Bitmono (aŭ Bitmonero) The former is more common, but the latter is more literal: mono (money) monero (coin.)
Bitcoin Address Bitmonadreso
Cryptography Kriptografio
Public Key Publik-ŝlosilo
Private Key Privat-ŝlosilo
Multisignature Plursubskribo I’m not sure if this translation is quite right.
Address Adreso
Stealth Address Kaŝadreso
Mixer (Service) Miksilo A method of obscuring the custody of coins.
Wallet Monujo
Satoshi bitmoneto The basic unit of a bitcoin: 0.00000001 BTC. Named after the bitcoin’s anonymous creator: Satoshi NAKAMOTO and therefore sometimes Esperantized as the loan word satoŝio.
Transaction Negoco Possibly incorrect.
CoinJoin Monerunuiga A method of obscuring transactions.
HD Wallet HD Monujo HD stands for hierarchical deterministic (hierarĥia determinisma.)
QR Code QR Kodo QR stands for ‘quick response’ or rapida responda but it is a proper noun, so it is not translated.
Blockchain blokĉeno The bitcoin public ledger.
Brain Wallet cerbmonujo A method of storing a bitcoin wallet in human memory.

Some concepts were more difficult to translate than others. When in doubt I chose to be literal. But, this is likely because my Esperanto isn’t what it could be. Wikipedia’s article on Bitcoin is extremely short. I did some word-building using some content from the ESPDIC as well.

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5 Comments Bitcoin Terms in Esperanto

  1. C Mealer

    I understand the impulse to translate Satoshi to Esperanto, but since it is a fraction of a bitcoin shouldn’t it be bitmoneto?

    1. Jeff Allen

      Now that you mention it, you’re probably right. That’s not so different from byte and bajto which is a loan word from English and bitoko which is a native Esperanto construct. I’ll update it

      Given that, what are your thoughts on “Dorean” as slang for unconfirmed transaction?


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